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Bluefire Entertainment is a 5 star rated DJ in Providence RI. Get in touch with us so Paul our Providence DJ can make your event even more special!

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DJ in Providence RI

This is Bluefire Entertainment, a DJ in Providence RI that has a passion for having fun! We deliver what we love, top-of-the-line equipment, an expansive music collection, and the energy need to get the crowd going. 

What do our Providence RI DJ services entail?

Wedding DJ in Rhode Island

Bluefire Entertainment's DJ in CT can accommodate any type of wedding event from the Bridal shower all the way to the Civil service wedding. Paul will sit down with you to go over itineraries, do a walk-through of the venue, coordinate playlists, and stay in constant contact until your big day.

Sometimes we will even reach out to the venue to find any specifics and guidance. If we are unfamiliar with the location we may have our DJ in Providence RI, plan a trip to the site to determine things like establishing a line of communication with the venue, equipment placement and if there are any issues with some of the details.

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RI DJ for Corporate Events

Different events call for different approaches, we have you covered there. School proms? No problem! We know that these events can be a hassle, and can include sudden changes. Your DJ in Providence RI should be able to assess your event, and plan accordingly. Suddle things like head counts can force changes to the floor plans, musical selections might be altered to accommodate a group of people. That's why Bluefire Entertainment has enough equipment and expertise to adapt to any changes your corporate event may entail.

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And more!

At Bluefire Entertainment, our DJ in Providence Paul, can accommodate any event you have. Paul has had experience in every occasion and loves them all. DJ Services in Providence RI that we offer:

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